Come and enjoy an amazing selection of craft Beer, Ciders and more.

The Beer Festival is situated within the Marquee alongside the Gin, Wine, Prosecco & Pimms Bar.  

As in previous year, included in ticket prices is your Banfest Pint glass (or the more ladylike Half Pint glass) to use on the day and take home as a keepsake... make sure you do.

Here are our selection of Beers & Ciders for 2021


Dark Star American Pale Ale

Dark Star Sunquake

Grolsch Premium Pilsner 

Big Smoke Underworld

Gritchie English Lore

Ringwood 49er

Ringwood Boondoggle

Timothy Taylors Landlord

Tiny Rebel Cwtch

Wildbeer Bibble

Meantime London Pale Ale

Fullers Summer Ale 

Fullers Five Grain Lager, 

Fruli Strawberry Beer Keg 

Beavertown Neck Oil 

Big Smoke Electric Eye Pale Ale 

Meantime London Pale Ale

Dorking Pilcrow Pale Ale 

Dorking Pacific Ale

Dorking DB one

Dorking Defaulters Lager

Pilgrim Progress

Pilgrim Surrey

 Pilgrim Somers Lager



Old Rosie Scrumpy, 

Rosie's Pig with Rhubarb, 

Muddy Scamp Cider

Harry's Flash Harry

Cornish Orchards 30ltr Blush Cider 

Cornish Orchards 30ltr Hedgerow Cider 

Cotswold Cider VOODOO PULP 

All beers and ciders subject to availability